Info about this blog for Ken

So the consent forms are signed. Ken is now officially waiting for his double lung transplant. It is impossible to say for sure but unlikely that anything will happen very quickly. I have set up this blog to help keep you in the loop as things move along. Ken has always preferred to divert attention away from his medical situation and just be Ken. The blog will allow you to have a place to ask questions and get updates without it dominating your time with him.

Blogging is very new too me and quite the learning curve but I am getting there.

Now I need your help! Could you look through your contact lists on your cell phones, in your Linkedin profiles, your email addresses, twitter and good old fashioned address books. Send this out to people who maybe don’t use Facebook but want to know what is going on with Ken.

Love to you all. xx



2 Responses to Info about this blog for Ken

  1. Mark Bennett says:

    Dear Ken and Sally,

    I received details of this site/blog from Angela so rather than writing I thought I would quickly get in touch to pass on my regards and wishes to you. I only ever met you very briefly Sally so you’ll not remember me.
    Anyway on to Kenny. I’m going to keep this very brief by simply wish you the very best in the coming weeks and months. You have my thoughts for you to do well, to keep strong and to add in a good dose of luck and hope.

    Mark Bennett

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